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These new original works on paper are an offshoot of my resin pours.

I was interested in seeing what would happen if I did a pour painting on paper (I typically paint on a wood panel). Because of the sheer amount of paint in a pour painting, I soon realized that a typical pour painting was not going to work very well on paper because the paper would buckle.  Instead of allowing the paint to dry as I normally would in a pour painting, I started to move and scrap the paint into the paper with a palette knife (well , technically speaking it was a cake frosting spatula!) I was soon engrossed in a meditative state, of pouring, smearing & scraping over and over again, creating layers and textures as I went.  It was much more physical than my typical pour paintings, which I soon realized, I enjoyed!

Each original painting is painted with acrylic paint and a custom blended art medium on heavy weight paper. Each piece is matted and is 11" x 14".  The window opening is 5"x 5". Comes ready to frame in a standard 11” x 14” frame.  Signed on the mat.

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