The Deserted Desert Outhouse

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Can you SOLVE this ESCAPE ROOM STYLE toy house?! Crack the codes hidden in the illustrations to learn the name of the creature living in the Outhouse. Then uncover the password to a secret website that shows how to unlock your creature's unique craft activity! The answer is just the beginning...

A guilt-free toy, it's made from paper, FSC certified, Non-Toxic, and handmade locally in Los Angeles. First of its kind, Archamelia is an all-in-one Scavenger Hunt, Construction Kit, and Playset! Whether you prefer building, playing make-believe, or solving puzzles, the Deserted Desert Outhouse has something for everyone. This sustainable toy uses creativity and imagination to teach that the answer is often there, just that sometimes all you need is to look from a new point of view.

Within the walls of Archamelia, the only missing you!
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