Tatooine Sunset

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The Tatooine Sunset is one of the most awesome and icon visuals from Star Wars. So much blending and pure love went into this creation from the sand to the subtle sparkles in the sky! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. These are Made To Order so, shipment times may vary, but but looking at a possbile 2 week turn around. 👋🏽

Created with Polymer Clay, these one of a kind creations make a statement all on their own. It's something you didn't know you wanted, but now want one for each room. (or is that just me? 😉) When installing make sure to be gentle with the screws to prevent chipping. You don't want to risk damaging to screw or the plate.

By making a purchase you are supporting my small business and I will do a little happy dance for every order placed. Hopefully I can dance all day and night. 

**Color may vary slightly from picture depending on your computer or phone screen.

Keep out of direct light and moisture. To clean use clean q-tip or cotton ball and water. 

I can't wait to send you a small piece from my lil corner of 



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