Steampunk Stud Earrings | Typewriter Pennyfarthing Bicycle Ear Studs

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Assorted Steampunk images are shrunken down to *tiny* and set under glass. These handmade stud earrings in vintage colors are paper images of a pennyfarthing bicycles, ravens, typewriter keys, skeleton keys, and top hats, set under glass cabochons. Images are paired and reversed. Choose the style you like!

These are 12mm wide with a 10mm image, finished in antique bronze.

*The last photo is for scale only, and shows the size difference between my 12mm, and 14mm earrings. This listing is for 12mm earrings*

  • Priced per pair
  • Comes gift boxed in a tin
  • These earrings are 12mm wide
  • Backings included
  • Nickel safe
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