Snake Vertebrae Choker

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A true statement piece, the unisex Snake Vertebrae Choker is 20.5” of African Snake Vertebrae and brown leather cord. 

Vertebrae color ranges from tan to brown, depending on the individual skeleton. Due to the natural materials used, vertebrae may vary in size and color from the images here. Rest assured that each vertebrae is hand-picked by the designer, and jewelry can be easily exchanged if unsatisfactory.

Finished with Ethiopian Silver beads and an antique-silver lobster clasp.

Our snake vertebrae beads originate in rural Africa. The snakes are consumed as food and their vertebrae are then used in divination rituals. It is believed the beads represent the bones of their ancestors. They are not harvested for fashion. We strive to respect the origin of our snake vertebrae pieces, by breathing new life into something that might otherwise be discarded or forgotten.

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All ASTALI jewelry hand crafted in South Pasadena, CA.

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