Small Oddish Air Plant Terrarium

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Is there a happier pokemon than Oddish?  Borrowing into the ground during the day for protection, oddish is true moonchild, being awakened by the moonlight, and using the moon’s glow to photosynthesize.  Oddish will be right at home in your home or office.

Oddish sports a robust haircut in the form of a Tillansia, or air plant.  Air plants thrive in bright, indirect light, and more humid conditions, either from nature, or via soaking/misting.  Your air plant will come with more than five leaves (sadly, they are not prehensiled though). 

The small oddish planter is 3.25 inches wide, 2 inches tall, and 3.5 inches in diameter. 

Oddish is avaliable in either Concrete or white resin. Concrete planters can vary slightly in hue and/or texture, due to the nature of the curing process.  

Your planter and plant will come with complete care instructions authored by Mile High Urban Farming.

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