Obsidian and Onyx Shield Jewelry Set

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The Obsidian and Onyx Shield Jewelry Set features two powerful protective stones. It is believed that they shield against negative energy, providing a sense of safety and security. 

Onyx helps one have self-control and anchors one’s flighty energy into a more stable way of life. It is this stone of inner strength and endurance, helping one to carry even the most difficult task to completion. Onyx is supportive in situations such as acquiring a goal, working on self-mastery, a weight loss program, an exercise regime, or even just feeling the need to focus your energy. This gem is also great for someone who has an abundance of ideas, but lacks the discipline to carry those ideas out.

Wearing the Obsidian and Onyx Shield Jewelry Set is a powerful way to tap into the energy of protection and grounding. This necklace is a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will appeal to those who seek to enhance their spiritual journey and promote overall well-being. Whether you're looking to protect your energy or seeking a stylish accessory with a touch of mystery, the Obsidian and Onyx Shield Jewelry Set are a perfect choice.

Handmade with Love in California. On an about 30 inch Onyx Necklace dangles a double pointed Obsidian Crystal pendant (about 1-1.5 inch). The 1.5 inch double pointed crystals hang on a sterling silver hook earring with a Swarovski crystal. Total length is about 2 inch. The Onyx Bracelet is strung of 10mm beads on a heavy duty stretch cord. 

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