Mushroom Trio Hand Embroidery Kit

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Recently, I've been trying to tame the jungle that is my backyard. If I'm being honest, I'm not much of a gardener (houseplants forever!) but I do want my yard to look pretty. And in pulling out all sorts of flowers and weeds (not really sure what's what most of the time), I stumbled upon some cute mushrooms. And thus this mushroom trio kit was born.

This kit is great for advanced beginners who love layering stitches. Included in each kit, you'll find a 4-inch wood embroidery hoop, terracotta fabric, a water soluble transfer design, full skeins of embroidery thread, a needle, felt, a sawtooth hook, and printed instructions that include photos and detailed descriptions to walk you through this project.

Kits Include:
- 4-inch wood embroidery hoop
- Terracotta fabric
- Water soluble transfer design
- Full skeins of embroidery thread
- Needle
- Felt
- Sawtooth hook
- Printed instructions
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