Lucha Llibre Ornament

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Mexican wrestling, otherwise known as the Lucha Llibre. Hang aone of these handmade Lucha Llibre from your backpack, purse, or anywhere you want enjoy a lucha libre!


This listing is an original it’s a CYN, each piece has authenticity and charm that inspire and spark emotion. 


These dolls are textile sculptural 3D art pieces and each one is completely unique.
 I wanted to create dolls that looked like they just walked off a stage or are part of a stop-motion film. 



Details on the Art Doll:

Artist: it’s a CYN

Name: Lucha Llibre Charm

Doll Size:  approx. 7 in / 18 cm

Medium: Each it’s a CYN Doll is an original piece of art. All materials are ethically and as locally sourced as possible, the textiles are either up-cycled or recycled discovered while combing countless  thrift shops, estate sales, etc.  

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