Light Up Faux Succulent Kokedama

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In Japanese Kokedama means simply, Moss Ball. The art of wrapping a plant in moss started in Japan many, many years ago and has recently started to gain popularity in the US. Everyone has their own spin on creating this unique way of "potting" a plant and each one is unqiuely beautiful.


What makes this Kokedama so unique? It's not real! Don't have the right lighting or space, or don't want to deal with the upkeep of a real plant? Go faux! Same beautiful look without any care. And, best of all, it lights up.


Brighten your day with this unique Light Up Kokedama or give it as a gift and watch their happi*ness grow and grow.


Batteries are inculded. Requires 2 round watch batteries which are easily found in stores or online. Battery pack has on/off function.


This beauty can hang anywhere or be a beautiful addition to a shelf or table. Make sure to choose what color hanger you would like.(Please go to seperate listing for table top plate.) 


These beautiful arrangements will bring you joy for many, many years to come! 


best part is...



**Looking for something specific? We offer custom and bulk. Please contact if you are interested in either**


We are looking forward to sending you as much




as possible!!!

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