Knotted Turquoise and Coral Necklace

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A beautiful strand of knotted turquoise, highlighted by a trio of bright red coral, off center.  This is understated luxury at its best. This necklace makes it so easy to look good.  Natural genuine turquoise, in a beautiful greenish blue shade.  Knotted on silk.  Measures 17"-18" with lobster clasp and adjustable length chain closure.  Sterling silver.

About Coral: Coral jewelry has a timeless appeal. Thousands of years ago, the red jewel of the sea was familiar from India to Italy as a beautiful talisman with mystical healing powers. There has been a coral trade between Naples, Italy, and Marseille, France, for thousands of years, and a number of the ancient towns buried by Mt. Vesuvius eruptions were known for coral work and cameo-making. 13th century explorer Marco Polo noted the use of coral for fashioning idols in Asian temples. It is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures, and Tibetan lamas use coral rosaries. Long thought to be a strong talisman against bleeding, evil spirits, and hurricanes, coral ornaments and inlay have been found in Celtic tombs dating back to the Iron Age.

About turquoise:  The name turquoise means "Turkish stone" because the trade route that brought it to Europe came via Turkey. Turquoise is a non-translucent stone of which the most valuable specimens are robin's egg blue or deep-blue azure.  It also comes in brown, yellow, and many shades of green. The veins are inclusions from nearby rock fragments or oxides that form during the creation of turquoise.

Turquoise, the gemstone worn by pharaohs and Aztec kings, is probably one of the oldest gemstones known. Native Americans and many of the Indian tribes in Mexico used turquoise for currency, and the stone is still associated with the religious rites of the Navajo. Because it remains fashionable, turquoise is quite highly prized, although it is fairly plentiful.

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