JONNA Double-Strap Necklace 'Black Onyx'

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Diagonal cross-over chain, with Moonstone pendant.

Chain: 14K Gold-Filled.

Length: 18 to 20" (with 2" extender) 

Black Onyx  is ultimately known to be a protective stone.  It lends one the power of strong defense by absorbing negative energies and especially assists those who feel like they are being drained of personal energy.

Keywords: Strength, Stamina, Self-Control

This stone strengthens one's confidence, making the person feel more secure by stabilizing mental and physical imbalances. It will provide the structure that one craves, and to be the master of their own future. One will master the creation of their future by making wise decisions and becoming the driving force of their own lives.

When going to a heavily populated area, bring a piece of onyx with you to absorb any possible negative energy and harmful vibrations emanating from others.

Origin: Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

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