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Any fans of Jaws out there? This one took me a minute to figure out, but was so much fun to make. I can hear the theme now. 🦈 OOooo! Don't miss a chance to snag one of these creations. These are Made To Order so, shipment times may vary, but looking at a possible 2 week turn around. 👋🏽

Created with Polymer Clay, these one of a kind creations make a statement all on their own. It's something you didn't know you wanted, but now want one for each room. (or is that just me? 😉) When installing make sure to be gentle with the screws to prevent chipping. You don't want to risk damaging the screw and/or the plate.

**Color may vary slightly from picture depending on your computer or phone screen

By making a purchase you are supporting my small business and I will do a little happy dance for every order placed. Hopefully I can dance all day and night. 

Keep out of direct light and moisture. To clean use clean q-tip or cotton ball and water. 

I can't wait to send you a small piece from my lil corner of 



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