Jackalope String Art On Discarded Book

Jackalope String Art On Discarded Book

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This very special Jackalope was created only for the Jackalope Arts Market and is only sold through them. This is only time that you will be able to purchase this very special design, so, grab it while you can. ? 

This is not the String Art you grew up with. This Beautiful Jackalope is on a discarded book, giving it a second life as a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Also, the succulents that are used are faux! No watering needed, no sunlight needed, just enjoy it's beauty forever and ever!


Meaurement: Roughly 5" x 10"

Materials: Discarded Book, Nails, Sphagnum Moss, Faux Succuents, String


best part is...



**Because the books that I use are discarded there may be some marks or blemishes on them. I love this because it gives it a certain character. Colors may vary slightly from the picture.

**Custom designs are always welcome depending on the design.


We look forward to sending you as much




as possible!!!


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