Iced Beverage Cup Snug - Floral Deer

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Tired of sweating iced drink cups?  Or ice just melting too fast in your cold drink? 

Insulate your cup with a modern, stylish cup snug.  Keep your coffee cold, hands warm and water rings off the table.  It may also be used on hot cups.


All cup snugs are handmade with 100% premium cotton and insulating fabric inside to keep your drink cool, longer.

**Price is for 1 selected sized cup snug (reusable cup is NOT included)


*SMALL: Best fits Starbucks Iced Grande, Dunkins Iced Small or similar shaped 16 oz cups + 16 oz Hot coffee cup

*LARGE: Best fits Starbucks Iced Venti/Trenta, Dunkins Iced Medium/Large or similar shaped 20 - 30 oz cups


NOTE: print placement will vary on each cup snug

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