Humphrey the Moose Ornament

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Decorate with felt animals! This handmade moose felt animal ornament makes a fun addition to any holiday tree. Hang him anywhere in your home for a cute year round decoration. 
  • Made of layered eco-fi felt and filled with polyester fiberfill
  • White ribbon stitched inside allows for easy hanging on a tree or wall
  • Hand sewn outline
  • Measures approximately 6.25 inches (15.8 cm) tall and 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide
  • This is not a toy for young children or animals. This is a decorative item

Humphrey the Moose's Story

Humphrey recently discovered that he had a special talent. After years of goofing off with his slacker friends, one day they goaded him into going out onto a frozen lake to talk to the new girl. Their hopes of seeing Humphrey make a fool of himself were dashed when they discovered he was a natural ice skater. Soon enough he was practicing every day as an excuse to see Ingrid and her ambition was rubbing off on him.

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