Fool's Gold and Bullet Necklace

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This simple unisex necklace combines a Pyrite nugget - aka Fool's Gold - with a slender brass bullet casing.  Caliber used is .17HMR.  They hang from an antique-brass chain with matching lobster clasp at 27" in length.

All of our bullet casings are gathered from shooting ranges. None of them were used to hunt animals, commit crimes, settle scores, etc. We aim to glamorize recycling, not violence. As the materials are reclaimed, some casings may have small dents which we believe add character.

Headstamp marking on bullets may vary from photos depending on available casings.


FAQ: Can I take this on a plane?

Answer: While it is perfectly legal to own recycled bullet jewelry, we recommended storing this type of accessory in your checked luggage when flying rather than carrying-on. Occasionally a TSA agent will confiscate items like this, so we advise not to take the chance.

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