Dreamcatcher Feather Earring - Ginger

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This is a single dreamcatcher earring - intended to be worn solo or paired with a stud in the other ear.  

Hoop is wrapped in deerskin leather with a peach-colored crystal swinging in the center.  7 bundles of long silky coque feathers descend from the hoop.  Brass chains peak out between the feathers to add weight and texture.

Coque feathers are from unique roosters that grow these exceptionally long feathers and shed them once a year.  These birds have been bred for over 100 years by fly fishermen, who use the feathers as fishing lures.  Sustainably sourced in the USA.  

Earhooks are antique-brass.  Goldfill earhooks available by request.  Total length ranges from 11" to 13" depending on available feathers.

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