Butterfly String Art On Discarded Book

Butterfly String Art On Discarded Book

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This is not the String Art you grew up with. This Beautiful Butterfly is on a discarded book, giving it a second life as a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Also, the succulents that are used are faux! No watering needed, no sunlight needed, just enjoy it's beauty forever and ever!


Meaurement: Roughly 5" x 10"

Materials: Discarded Book, Nails, Sphagnum Moss, Faux Succuents, String


best part is...



**Because the books that I use are discarded there may be some marks or blemishes on them. I love this because it gives it a certain character. Colors may vary slightly from the picture.

**Custom designs are always welcome depending on the design.


We look forward to sending you as much




as possible!!!


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