Business Class Pen - Custom Wood Finish

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The origin story for Wood You Kindly. I started turning pens in an effort to learn the skillset. When I realized the level of creativity you could get with the blanks, it went even further.

Now, I've narrowed my pens to the best options for my clients and gifts. The Business Class Pens carry more weight, feels better in the hand, and is exactly what you need to sign those million-dollar contracts. These are ballpoint pens.

Pen Dimensions are approximately: 5 3/8" x 1/2"

All pieces are unique, made from wood on hand and no two pieces are ever the same. Please note, when you order, you are ordering the model that you select. If you want the wood in a certain color or style, please ensure you send a message in your checkout letting us know so we can accommodate to the best of our ability.

And as always, if there's something unique you would like, feel free to use our contact form and reach out!

*Please note these products are made at the time of purchase. We strive to ship within 7-10 days, often sooner, but please expect 7-10 days before shipping when ordering.

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