Rise and Shine handmade hairpin in German Silver

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Rise and Shine with this hairpin essential! But don't let it's organic feel fool you, this strong and sharp accessory is ready for anything you can throw at it. Top knots, sloppy low buns, elegant styles- it's hard for me to think of ways you couldn't use this pin. Plus, the added feature of SUPER pointed ends not only gets through any hair type with ease, but could provide an added layer of secret self defense ;) I'm talking to you outdoor enthusiasts, socialites, and dark alley walkers! Dress that mess :)

*Hairstylist designed and crafted (by me)

*Hand forged and finished 

*Sharp, smooth ends for easy styling AND self defense

*Solid Nickel Silver- thick gauge 

*4 1/2" total length

**German silver or Nickel silver is a nickel alloy that contains no silver (65% copper, 17% zinc, 18% nickel). The silver color is inside and out- NOT a coating.  I love this material for silver hairpins. It's durable and highly resistant to tarnish- a must when being used with hair products.

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